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What is an ‘Uchi Deshi”?

The phrase literally means an ‘inside disciple’. It refers commonly to a student on a path of discipline that lives in with the teacher at his school. In Kyokushin, the uchi deshi tradition is long and many of the top Japanese instructors of today can trace their training roots back to periods of time as an uchi deshi at the Honbu Dojo of Mas Oyama.

The standard time period as an uchi deshi was three years, although from time to time Sosai would accept students from overseas for shorter periods. The founder of Australia’s first Kyokushin uchi deshi training, Shihan Cameron Quinn, also trained under the Master in his Tokyo Honbu dojo for a number of years, including a three month period as an uchi deshi in 1984.

During that time, Quinn saw that a similar course of uchi deshi training would work well in Australia, and so besides training he took extensive, detailed notes relating to the way Sosai Mas Oyama organized and ran things. At he same time, Quinn was often called upon to act as Sosai’s interpreter and these meetings also provided tremendous insight. Often the reason Sosai did things was not immediately evident but as the years have passed and Quinn implemented many of Sosai’s principles as a standard part of his own dojo’s uchi deshi program, the meaning, and wisdom, of Sosai’s method has become clear.

Goki-Ryo 豪気寮

The Goki-Ryo, or Dormitory of the Courageous Heart, is the uchi deshi school of Shihan Cameron Quinn. It began in 1989 with two students, Walter Schnaubelt and Garry O’Neill. It grew to where upwards of 12 live-in students at a time would live and train together for periods of 3 months to 3 years.

For young men (and occasionally women) who do not yet find themselves with worldly responsibilities such as family, college or business, the course of study as an uchi deshi is an ideal way to cement many practical habits into daily life as well as dedicate oneself to an undisturbed period of daily training in Kyokushin Karate.

Quinn’s uchi deshi graduates include many of Kyokushin’s great champions. Keeping track of how many National and International Titles they have won between them was never the priority so even Quinn is not sure. But there are plenty. Former uchi deshi have gone on to distinguished careers in many fields including in international business, as entrepreneurs in numerous fields, as karate instructors producing their own champions and in one case, as a highly successful elite physical preparation coach mentored by the best in the game, Ian King.

Nature of Training at the Goki-Ryo

Quinn has always been recognized for his broad-based, holistic approach to training. As he explains, “Training cannot be isolated as a separate entity. Every aspect of life affects every other and real training, especially for the uchi deshi, requires a very holistic approach. The wisdom of this was seen in the early training of the Japanese samurai warriors who lived by the code “Bun-bu itchi”, The pen and sword in accord. This meant training addressed every aspect of culture. A warrior is not a partial warrior; he is complete at every level.”

Students of the Goki-Ryo undertake individualized training programs according to to their skill level and conditioning. Every aspect of training is addressed in the endeavor to find that student’s highest potential in life.

The content of the training is too vast to describe fully here and in some respects is kept private between students and instructor. Every aspect of life from physical conditioning and karate technique, mental development and study and spiritual training is covered, at levels appropriate to the student.

If you are hungry to realize your very best in life, whether it be in Kyokushin or some other endeavor, and can see the huge potential in a period of concentrated and disciplined training, the uchi deshi training of Shihan Cameron Quinn can provide you with the guidance and answers you are seeking. Regardless of nationality, gender, age, karate experience  or level of fitness, provided you fulfill some fundamental expectations you are welcome.

Full course students train for 2 years with a third year remaining as an assistant instructor either in the dormitory or living out. Students are also accepted for shorter periods. Get in touch and discuss your vision.




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Training cannot be isolated as a separate entity. Every aspect of life affects every other and real training, especially for the uchi deshi, requires a very holisitic approach.

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For dedicated students wanting to take your training to the next level, we offer short and long-term intensive training based on Shihan Cameron’s own experience as a live-in student of Sosai Mas Oyama in Japan. Students not only learn the skills to make them champions but also become exceptional instructors and balanced leaders. Training is holistic and covers fight skills at all ranges.

Please note: The Goki-Ryo Uchi Deshi Program is temporarily suspended. We are seeking new living arrangements for students as the current full time dojo no longer has live-in facilities available. If you are interested in finding out more stay in touch here or drop us a line and we’ll let you know when uchi-deshi training is back.