The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama Second Edition, Updated and Expanded

The much-anticipated release of the Cameron Quinn’s new edition is here! The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama is much loved by thousands of martial artists worldwide. It is regarded as one of the most important Kyokushin books ever written and has been widely used as a source of knowledge and inspiration for many other Kyokushin books over the years.

But don’t take my word for it.

This 2020 edition is greatly expanded with important new chapters, never-before-seen photos of Sosai Mas Oyama, more great illustrations and Japanese calligraphies by the author. You will love what you find inside.

New Foreword by Dolph Lundgren

This is without a doubt the most sought-after Kyokushin book today. The original edition still sells for $1,000 a copy! The second edition is destined to be as popular and in demand as the first.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own your own copy!