How To Pay With Qoin

  1. Open your Qoin App
  2. Press SEND
  3. Scan the Qoin QR code on this page or cut and paste the Qoin Wallet Address below into your Qoin App:


  4. Select AUD and enter the correct amount:
    Australia: $105 including postage
    New Zealand: A$123 including postage
  5. Press SEND 
  6. Review and confirm everything is correct. Then press SEND again when you’re ready
  7. Qoin will ask your device to confirm with relevant security: passcode, fingerprint or Face ID
  8. Congratulations! You have secured your copy of The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama 
  9. Email or text me to let me know of your Qoin transaction details.
    Your Name, BKMO, Qoin, Date
    +61 433 633 775
  10. To review your purchase, tap on the TRANSACTIONS button at the bottom of the Qoin App screen
  11. If you’d like to go this way but aren’t sure of exactly how to go ahead, Get in touch.

  12. Please note, both you and I will receive notification of your Qoin payment but just to be sure, once your Qoin transaction is complete, email me here with your name, date and transaction number to confirm.